The Great Mystery

A great mystery.
Pregnancy is a time of longing for a miracle, a time of hope. It lasts nine months, consists of three trimesters, stages. All of them have their own characteristics, their own characteristics, each of them is important. Someone is planning it for a long time and painfully. For some, this is a surprise. As a rule, pleasant and joyful.
Many families have wondered about such a plan. Namely, why healthy spouses do not have children. Even for many years of marriage. Sometimes the reason for this may be their incompatibility of biological or immunological plan. This is the point of view of medicine. It is important to remember that nothing should interfere with the sexual life of partners. Sex should not be just a means to achieve pregnancy. This is, first of all, the fusion of two hearts, two beginnings, two loving people, as a result of which a miracle is possible. This is the birth of a new person, his birth. In many religions there is such a thing as the mystery of conception.
It is she who determines who will be born, a boy or a girl. What it will be, your child, healthy or not. The color of the eyes, skin, his features – all this is determined at the moment of conception, important and responsible. When exactly it happened, even taking into account all the achievements of modern science, no doctor in the world can say. This is a secret, the meaning of which is carefully guarded by nature. By God, by heaven, as Orthodoxy says.
Many spiritual practices and religions believe that it is necessary to prepare for conception. Heaven gives children only to those people who are ready to meet them. This statement is controversial. Otherwise, children would not be abandoned, they would not be abandoned immediately after childbirth. All girls and boys would be loved by their parents. And now this is far from the case. Many orphaned children grow up without the warmth of their home, going into adulthood without having a family hearth.
All couples who dream of a baby should remember and follow simple rules. Believe and wait. Lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits. Do not take strong medications, especially hormonal drugs. Eat more fruits, give up fast food, walk, breathe air. And most importantly, if there are problems in the family, solve them. Love your home, your family. Let a new person into your life. And if there is still no miracle, perhaps your child is already waiting for you, you just need to go and pick him up. All children want to be happy. Homemade porn USA.